In 2002 Idir Mecibah presented the ‘I. M. LOBI’ collection and collaborated with Durlet.
The collection was not produced in series but only available after order. After the tragic and sudden death of Idir Mecibah, Durlet discontinued the collection in 2003. Two pieces are known to be made.
In the sales catalog of Durlet, we see this black version of the ‘I. M. LOBI I’ as a visual reference.

Curated by Alain Hens












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wool blanket
un grand amour suffit

by Philippe Vandenberg

Source: artlead

cover girl 2018

by Leonhard Hurlzmeier
16 x 21 cm

Source: artlead

space age stereo type 2007

by Weltron

Source: Wauw


by Byredo

Source: Necessities

The Violence of Handwriting Across a Page:
Louise Bourgeois x Jenny Holzer

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Charlotte Perriand:
Politique du photomontage

Actes Sud, 2022

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Daniel Arsham: Sketchbooks

Larry Warsh

Princeton University Press, 2022

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Marlene Dumas: Intimate Relations

Roma Publications, 2022 (Reprint 2008)

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Supreme Books
No's 1-6 (complete)

Published in Japan by Supreme between 2005 and 2010

Source: IDEA

The Gentlewoman
No.1 Phoebe Philo

Excellent condition copy of the first issue of The Gentlewoman, 2010.

Source: IDEA

The Official Preppy Handbook

1980 first edition of a classic

Source: IDEA


Meet The Triplets: Beatrice, Penelope and Gertrude. Three glassy sisters with a penchant for body-building and buttercream donuts. Hold any of these sisters up to the window and let their lovelight shine through!



by Ana Benaroya
Curated by Case Studyo

Webcam Privacy Stickers

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Black 'Ugly' T-shirt

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Grape candle

By Ann Vincent Studio

Curated by Espoo


Wang Shu and the essence of Chinese architecture.
In the first of a two-part installment, Yoko Choy - the China editor of Wallpaper* - interviews one of China’s most fascinating architects

Source: Gestalten


Beauty and the East presents the Chinese talent shaping an aesthetic bound by heritage and the surrounding environment. 

new Chinese architecture

by Gestalten

'fast' sneaker show

by Sofie D'hoore

Source: Graanmarkt 13

glaze mirror in bronze + yellow splash

by Sabine Marcelis

Source: RiRa

Large wool 'Objeto #2' carpet

by Que Onda Vos

Source: Graanmarkt 13

acid ring 18k gold

by Culture Jewelry

Yoghurt Chocolate Macadamia

The finest Belgian Chocolate coated Macadamia nuts.

By Maison Macolat

gone crazy

Source: OUI

abstract N°3

Source: OUI

Chinese vintage stool n°5

Source: OUI

56 Days In Arles

by François Halard

Published by Libraryman

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Interview with top photographer François Halard
by Aimee Farrell.

Source: Vogue UK

Venice roadster

by Vanderhall

Source: Lenoir


The Vanderhall Venice is a three-wheeled roadster produced by the American vehicle manufacturer Vanderhall Motor Works.
A 4 Cilinder, 194 PK work of art.

Artemisia print (1980)

by Cy Twombly

Source: Yvon Lambert

Steffy in the Eurostar, the day after

by Quentin de Briey

Source: Yvon Lambert

John Lennon broke up Fluxus t-shirt

by David Horvitz

Source: Yvon Lambert

fitted dress, summer 2014 collection

by Céline

Source: Old Céline Market

mini clasp bag

by Céline

Source: Old Céline Market